Aug. 2nd, 2006

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(This is from several weeks ago, I'll skip most of the details cuz they didn't make sense.)

The Pope was on his deathbed and I got to visit him before he died. I asked him if he had a message for me. He said, "What do you know about mice?"

Then I woke up.
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(This was from a couple of days ago)

I was either in charge of the show or one of the birthday girl's friends who was in on the big secret. Basically, we were going to throw her a big birthday bash in the style of a famous rock band, and this part she knew about but the real surprise would be later. We showed her a video of Aerosmith singing "Walk This Way" but she was dead silent. I got worried, did she not like these guys or not even know who they were? We were supposed to have set this up so it'd be a band that was pretty much this girl's idol(s) and yet here it looked like a case of very bad planning. But at the end of the music video was some "making of" clips and these showed each band member. The birthday girl finally spoke. She named them all without hesitation. We knew then that we'd landed a hit after all.

So the idea for the show/party was that she and her friends would dress up like Aerosmith band members and put on their own stage show for their friends. The birthday girl was going to be Steven Tyler, and I remember helping her pick out an outfit like his. We even put a scarf on the microphone like he would. She got up on stage with her pals and they did their fake-but-fun version of an Aerosmith song, then went into the crowd to dance and party. The time was ripe for the surprise: the real Aerosmith arrived on stage and started performing "Walk This Way." The birthday girl and her friends started screaming and jumping and generally freaking out. It was great TV.

Then I woke up.
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I was the daughter of a man who flipped out and decided to bomb a city or something. The details on this dream are sketchy but I remember I didn't want to help him. There were journalists coming for an interview at the building the guy was holed up in, and for some reason he didn't want them to see me. They were coming faster than he'd anticipated so he dragged me into a room with a big window out to the hall and forced me to lie flat under the window where nobody would see me. He pushed me so hard into the floor by the wall that it was hard to breathe. Then he left to talk to the reporters.

The bomb was controlled by a calculator, and there were actually two of the calculators, one was a backup controller. Father didn't know I had the backup, and sometimes he armed the bomb for fun and I would notice on the display and disarm it. He seemed distracted enough not to try and figure out who was messing with his bomb (must have been the reporters keeping him busy at the moment). The arming and disarming code was just the sequence 1 2 3.

I looked up and saw that he'd taken them into another room across the hall. (The building was set up a bit like a school, we were on the second floor.) I looked around the room I was in and it was a little girl's room with a messy bed and a lot of clothes lying around (it *had* been empty when I was first dragged in there, stupid dream logic). I had an idea, if I could change my clothes my father might not recognize me and I might be able to escape. I took my shirt off and tried to put one of the little girl shirts on but it had very weird seems inside of it, with very strong thread. I couldn't put my hand through the sleeve. I tried another shirt, and managed to break some of the weird seems that were also in that shirt, and got the thing on me. I hoped nobody would notice the shirt being a bit too small on me. I changed my pants too and took my hair out of the ponytail it had been in. I was thinking I should put it in pigtails but I was afraid I would run out of time. I also dropped my flashlight I'd had in my pocket; the batteries fell out. I thought if it was dark outside I might need it, so I spent even more precious seconds trying to get the stupid flashlight working again. (Apparently I'd been stuck in this building so long I didn't even know what time it was.)

Once that was done I walked quickly out of the room as if I had every right to be doing whatever it was I was doing. I walked to the end of the hall without incident and ran out the door. Outside the door were two FBI agents with their guns pointed at the door. I fell to the floor as the door closed behind me and told them not to shoot and that I was unarmed. They looked at me like "Okay whatever, what do you want?" and I said something like "I request to be put under federal witness protection."

They asked who I was and I suddenly realized that they didn't know who I was, or that I was supposedly important enough to be kept hidden away from reporters. I told them I was the mad bomber's daughter (in the dream I gave both full names but I don't remember them now). I gave them the calculator and told them vaguely how it worked.

Then I woke up.


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