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(I've forgotten a lot of this one... I should have gotten up and written it down... d'oh!)

I remember running away from a guy who was trying to kill me for some reason... he was supposed to be like the bad guy from the movie Deja Vu but this guy looked like Kevin Bacon. I was running through a parking lot and he got into a car and tried to run me over. Then he decided he needed me alive and managed to catch me. I sat in the back of the car and said something to him, I forget what, but he changed his mind again and decided he was gonna kill me.

He put his gun to my forehead and pushed hard (it hurt) but I said something like, "The voices, are they always there? They never leave you alone?" I pressed into the gun even harder than he was pushing and shut my eyes, patiently waiting. Apparently what I'd said made some sort of impression and he pulled the gun back and went back to driving.

Eventually I got away from him again, ran through a housing development, and climbed a fence with barbed wire at the top of it. I found myself in an area where I knew there were wild dogs, and for some reason I knew if I ran along the worn trail they'd leave me alone. The trail was worn into sand, the whole area was sandy... I saw some of the wild dogs but they were some distance away. I kept running and pretty soon I was being chased by some sort of tribal natives. I was wearing some plastic beaded necklaces and bracelets; I took them off one by one and threw them behind me, hoping the natives would lose interest and keep the "gifts." Eventually they did decide they liked me but they kept following me.

I got to a coastline and there was a small vending machine right at the end of the path. I forget what it was you got out of it... might have had something to do with traversing the water easier. I said goodbye to the natives and jumped in and swam in what I thought was a northerly direction along the coast (keeping the coastline on the right). Apparently I swam for three days, treading water when I needed to eat (I had food in a backpack; this was all sped up, as if someone was narrating what was going on, I sure didn't feel like I spent three entire days in my subconscious). I arrived at a ferry dock in the Seattle area, and got out of the water.

I went onto a ferry that was parked there for use later that day, and I knew the guy who'd been chasing me earlier was going to try and bomb the thing and kill a bunch of people. I wanted to see if I could investigate the matter, but I didn't know if he was there already. I didn't want him to catch me again, he'd surely kill me this time without a second thought. I was sneaking around trying not to be seen and wondering if I should contact the police or something...

Then I woke up.


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