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This dream made so very little sense I won't get into some of the details, plus some parts I'd rather forget, but at one point I was on a basketball court where a bunch of people were meeting each other during a break in a basketball game (half time? I have no idea). One of these people happened to be Vin Diesel, and as I remember... we were introduced and of all things ended up discussing shoes. I had finally gotten new shoes (something I need to do in real life, the combat boots I tried to order ended up discontinued by the manufacturers, argh!!!) and I liked them but I remember wondering something along the lines of how comfortable they'd be once my feet decided for sure if they liked them or not.

Anyways, other than the topic of my shoes I seriously don't know what else we talked about, though the concept of dating came up, I just can't remember the context. I think my own personal wishes were clashing with the non-logic of the dream and making the subconscious mess even more confusing. Then I think he went on to talk to someone else or something and my kid brother needed my help with something, leading me off the court.

There were more children near the wall beyond the sideline, they'd been playing there for a while. It turns out one of them was climbing too high along a wall and nobody else was paying attention beyond the kids, so there I was trying to tell someone to go get more help and the daredevil kid to get down or not to jump (cuz he'd definitely hurt himself) and he had this wild look in his eye that said he was thinking about it anyways. I stayed right below him thinking I could catch him if he did jump without either of us getting hurt badly... maybe... and then suddenly he completely vanished.

I knew he'd just materialized over in a dark room just off the basketball gym (don't ask me how) so I snuck over there in the ensuing confusion to ask him how he'd done that. I knew it was some kind of magic, it had to be, and I wanted to learn to do it too. He said he could unlock it in me or something like that, and would show me how. I agreed to this, and then the logic really fell apart so I'm just gonna skip the rest.

Eventually I woke up.

Thoughts: I haven't done one of these possible interpretations in a while (on this journal anyways)... and this one after reading it and looking at it from outside the box leads to some interesting thoughts, so here we go.

Firstly, of course it was great to see my personal hero in a dream, but what the heck was up with that? Yay for logic totally failing. The thing about the shoes I guess could be my subconscious asking me, "Yeah, if you actually got to meet this guy, and actually managed to date him, would it really be everything you've idolized?" Not that I expect the guy to be perfect or anything... especially after that one recent photo shoot I saw on IMDB.com (phear, pheeeeeeear). But eh, who knows. Maybe my brain's just telling me to go buy some damn shoes. xD

Secondly, I find it interesting that I gave up a scene involving Vin Diesel (even if he wasn't currently talking to me) to go help my adopted kid brother. Priorities in place, wewt! Being as I refuse to have any contact with my genetic material providers and my actual blood brother, I guess the loyalties I still have are etched deep into my subconscious. That be good. Of course, if I were actually remotely near getting some kind of chance to date Vin Diesel, he'd probably find a way to help me rescue my kid brother from my abusive parents anyways. O_o;;

Lastly, I wish the magic bit had made more sense. Maybe it's a message that if I keep my eyes open, something hidden will be unlocked for me. Or if I keep pursuing interests or goals or kids who vanish from thin air and appear in dark rooms, I'll find a way to get potential out of myself I didn't even know was there.

That, or I need to stop playing so much Digimon World DS before bed. Nahhhh...


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