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I wasn't trained for this sort of thing... but I ended up crawling through ventillation ducts on an impromptu espionage mission. I'd found my way into a warehouse not knowing that Iraqi terrorists were using it to ship something illegal either out of the country or to another part of it (the warehouse I'd found was in the USA somewhere). I heard one of the guards say this was the last shipment and they'd be bailing on the place after this. Not only were there guards patrolling the production floor but temporary employees working on shipping whatever it was they were sending out. One of the ventillation ducts came very close to the assembly line, and I remember pushing boxes out onto it that had time bombs in them that I had found elsewhere. Or maybe it was tracking devices... I really am not sure, I just remember it was important to get the boxes into the load being shipped without anybody noticing.

There was some other agent a bit like me also working on this. We'd gotten most of the boxes out onto the line without being noticed when a guard came very close to discovering the other agent. At about this time, one of the line workers saw me. She didn't tell anyone though, I think she knew she was working for bad guys (or guessed) and wasn't really wanting to help them any more than she had to. She helped me hide for a moment during what could have been a bad run-in with a guard.

The other agent disappeared, I remember a comment about not being able to take this anymore. There was at least one more box to put on the line, and I kept at it. Then it was time for me to leave. I went back through the duct system but someone had called an alarm. Maybe the other agent had made a messy job of leaving the site and been spotted. I ended up having to run through the front doors of the building and across a wide space of grass towards a tall chain-link fence with three lines of barbed wire above it. A couple of guards were chasing me and I was half expecting to get shot but I kept running anyways.

Someone had figured out the communications frequency I was using, and the head bad guy came over the airwaves to tell me to give myself up. He was the evil Russian president guy from the first Splinter Cell game, but it seems like his name was Nickoli because I couldn't remember the proper name in the dream (Nickoladz?). I remember saying things to him but not what I said, nor his replies. I just remember a lot of sarcasm on my end. Then I took off the hands free cell phone I was using to communicate with the US special forces unit and now the head bad guy, and was standing by the fence holding it. One of the guards was much closer to me than the other, he had stopped with his gun trained on me and was telling me to give up or he'd shoot. The cell phone rang and I tried pushing buttons on it and nothing would work, and I acted like I was all confused and said something about not knowing what to do. I think I threw the cell phone at the guard and then vaulted over the fence.

The barbed wire caught the leg of my pants, so I was hanging upside down on the far side of the fence. I yelled at the guard, "You're not going to shoot me on US soil, are you?" and he glared at me but didn't shoot. "I didn't think so," was my follow-up remark and then I think I shot the wire that had snagged my pants and so ended up falling the rest of the way down the fence. Then I was off and running, afraid now more of an outside, professional hit, than being shot by anybody left inside the complex.

I ended up outside a Denny's-like establishment and a car pulled into the parking lot. I recognized the black guy driving as one of the head NSA people. As he was getting out of the car I asked him if he'd heard what happened and he said something like, "Yes, you've created quite a stir and done an impressive job." He told me to follow him, and the restaurant we were going to had a back courtyard laid out a little bit like a Japanese zen garden. Here the dream stops making sense, it turned into a bizarre training simulation and gets way too wonky to bother writing up.

I don't remember the rest.
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This dream is really quite fuzzy now but I was so enthused with it last night that I even dreamed about verbally figuring out all the right words for the events that happened, with the thought of posting it here. Too bad I can't remember most of what I came up with... so here goes nothing.

I was playing the XBox game Halo 2, except I was actually in it. I remember talking to Dad about the game, as if he was watching. I was in a big huge room that was very dark and had these long, thin platforms to run on, high up off the floor. Falling would certainly cause death. I knew the end of the level was soon, but I wanted a better weapon because I was almost out of ammunition for the one I had, and I could see a really cool weapon up ahead (I think it was supposed to be a rail gun). I had a choice, I could follow the correct platform to the end of the level, or I could take a different turn really quickly and pick up this other weapon. Plus I was moving very slowly for some reason, and I knew that there was a "speed up" item along the same path as the weapon.

So I decided to go for the weapon and the speed increasing item. I just hit the speed thing when I noticed that my timer had only a couple seconds left on it (apparently if you ran out of time on a level you would die, like in Mario Brothers). So I died and I was so annoyed, but this time I knew I'd skip the whole picking up the extra weapon thing and just finish the level. I reloaded the game (yeah, I was still in it this whole time, I don't remember seeing the game on any sort of television screen) and found that it had automatically saved my progress back at the point where I'd picked up the speed item. Except now the speed item wasn't there, nor was the other weapon. Apparently they wouldn't respawn because I'd picked them up in the previous game, even though I'd lost them to dying.

I had tons of time on my timer now, however, so I took the right path/platform thingy to the end of the level. The next part was a sort of warehouse room and I saw spots of Flood on the wall (if you haven't played the Halo series, Flood is a nasty virus that turns people and aliens into freakish monsters). Then I found a computer on a desk and was thinking I should see if I could find any files on what had been going on at the warehouse... when a lady in a white lab coat asked me what I was doing. (This is where it started feeling like Half Life, a PC game.) Apparently this was her workstation, and she worked here. I was surprised to find anybody alive at this point, as I was sure the virus would have killed everyone off or turned them into mutants.

I said I was there to stop the virus or try, and asked her why she was still there, working as if nothing was going on. She said she had no idea there was anything wrong, that her company hadn't informed her of any such virus outbreak. She did seem to believe me but she didn't want to leave, so I told her to be very careful and to try and contact me if something went wrong in her area. (I have no clue *how* she was supposed to contact me, but it made sense in the dream). I left her and headed for the door to the next level.

Then I woke up.

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