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The rest of this dream was so horrifically depressing I won't get into it, but what I wanted to note is that tornados are usually quite frequent in my nightmares. So towards the end of this subconscious angst fest there were tornados all around.

I was outside, and it was very cloudy/stormy overcast daytime. Lots of blue in that dark color scheme of sky. The tornados were at first far enough away I didn't feel imminent danger, but as one started across a field towards me rather quickly, I knew it was getting bad. I vaguely managed to remember something about facing my fears in dreams, and I decided... to use the tornado as a travel device! I was actually thinking of letting it draw me up inside it (with a little bit of fear as to whether or not that would work... or hurt...) but when it got close, it turned into a thick grey rope of a sort that felt really alive, and I could "ride" it! It was easy to hold onto and actually appeared to be subservient to me. It drew me up into the air and seemed to be able to ask me somehow where I wanted to go.

I could go anywhere. I remember asking it if I could stop and get some of my things from "home" (wherever that was) and it stopped over a house and pulled something up inside itself from the house below (it had made a hole in the roof) and asked me if this was the right place. The thing it showed me was a little tiny Sculpey figure I'd made at some point (not in real life, some dream version).

The rest of this derailed into me trying to take all this crap with me that was in my room, and unfortunately I really should have just said "screw it" and flown off with my tornado-mount... but whatever.

Then I woke up.


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