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I think I was either playing a video game or watching something on TV, and it was getting into WWII history stuff... either whatever I was doing, or the conversation around me. Then on the TV screen was a guy in a Nazi uniform throwing a torch at something. A moment later I became that guy who'd thrown the torch, and I think at first I might have been Karl (one of my roleplay chars inspired by Karl Kroenen from Hellboy)... but shortly thereafter I was one of the men on his squad instead. Mind you, this was pretty much with the complete mindset of a Nazi SS agent/soldier.

What we were throwing torches at was some long wooden building, and it was daylight and wartime. I think I realized the thing was going to blow up and I told everybody to run and started booking it across the field surrounding that side of the building. The whole thing did blow, and the shockwave was so strong it threw me several feet and I landed tumbling. I stayed lying down for the moment and put my arms over my head trying to protect it. Stuff was raining out of the sky from the explosion and some did hit me on the head just as I was trying to cover it, but not too badly.

I'm not exactly sure what happened next, but I do know I got up and got further away, and I was looking for Karl and couldn't find him. There was some nonsense about a train and some nurse lady who I asked if she knew where Karl was and she kept saying other stuff so I asked again and she said yes. I followed her quite a ways to some building and up into it several floors. I kept looking around and didn't see him, and the place didn't look right at all. It looked like a doctor's office, and around this point dream logic decided I was in a hospital.

Getting frustrated, I asked the nurse again where he was. She said, "There," and pointed to a hat that would work for the uniform I was wearing. Supposedly it was my hat, she thus informed me (*shrug* dream logic strikes again, it could have been; I wasn't impressed even if it was). I said something to the effect of, "No, you moron, I asked you where my Commander is!"

Then my alarm clock woke me up.

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I had a couple dreams before this one, all I can remember is being with Indiana Jones in a train station and kissing him to encourage him because he was really down, and later playing or being immersed in Splinter Cell, redoing checkpoints and making head shot kills. I've dreamed the Splinter Cell thing a *lot* lately.

Anyways, The first thing I remember in the final dream was being in a room shared by a couple of children, and I was standing by a little girl. The room belonged to her sister and brother. She was scared and I picked her up. She knew something important, something people were trying to get at her for. I was talking on the phone, probably to superiors, updating them on the situation. Then two older kids or teenagers tried to come in through the French doors on one side of the room, but I locked them just in time.

Then the little girl's father appeared, and I had a feeling he'd been treating her badly for some time. But this time he was here to find out this secret the girl knew. I was worried he'd get dangerous. I managed to convince him that the clue the little girl was going to give was somewhere in the closet (which was true) so he could find out what it was when we came back out. This seemed to placate him for the moment.

I locked myself and the little girl in the closet. It was huge, for a closet anyways, more like a small room. At the end was a child's bed, and I realized this was the little girl's room. There was a set of shelves with toys on it and a lot of clothes hanging around (like you'd expect in a closet). I put the girl down and she looked under the bed. I did too, but there was nothing there. Then she looked up behind the headboard of the bed and pulled something out that had been stuck back there.

It looked like a very damaged stem from a fake flower. I realized it was what was left of the red silk rose that a famous gangster used to wear in his suit pocket, and I also knew this ganster had owned the house many years ago. All that was left of this flower though was the green plastic stem which was falling apart, and had been split in one part so you could see the silver wire inside. There was a tiny dirty white leaf left on one stem. It looked like junk, but I knew better.

Before exiting the closet I tore off a shred of plastic from the stem and hid the main part in my shirt pocket, keeping the little useless bit in my hand. Back in the bedroom I gave it to the father person and said that's all it was, just trash. He stood there confused, looking at it. I left the house before he figured out otherwise. (I have no idea where the little girl went to.)

It's not that the junky stem was worth anything, it's what it meant: a clue to the location of a treasure rumored to have been left behind by the gangster. I remember finding the other clue in a pile of dirt in an unfinished lot elsewhere in town, and with the location of the two clues, I and a companion or two figured out where the treasure was: right in between the two locations on the map. We hopped into a cab and took off for the treasure's supposed location.

At this point it was like I was a gangster myself, the old 1920's kind, and my pals were my cohorts in crime or whatever. The father guy from back in the house became the leader of rival mobsters, and we knew he'd be trying to find us now and follow us to the treasure. We arrived at a big hill, it sort of reminded me of Mount Trashmore if you know what that is. Anyways it was a green hill in the middle of a park.

We dug into the top of this hill with shovels and found a chest. Inside the chest was... books and tea! There were lots more books and tea hidden inside this hill. In fact, the whole hill was just books and tea with sod on top of it. I said to one of my buddies, "You know how much this would have cost back then?" and he just sort of looked at me like he knew the answer but didn't want to say it. So I did: "A fortune." We realized the legendary gangster person had spent his entire fortune on this stuff, and I think I even knew it had probably been meant as a wedding present that hadn't managed to be given in time (before the ganster died, I assumed).

Then the other gansters showed up, our rivals. The leader was furious that all there was in the treasure heap was books and tea. He started throwing stuff around hoping to find some real money. I remember hoping he wouldn't damage the stuff because I thought it was valuable in a way other than monitary. Most of the books were still in excellent shape, and a lot of them had to be old, maybe rare or of historical value. I also remember laughing at the "bad guys" because they had been all hyped up over finding a huge fortune in money or gold and all there was was... books and tea.

Then I woke up.
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I dreamed about a lot of things last night (yeah, took Unisom, that seems to make it worse). The only one I'm going to get into though is a brief visit to the world of Riddick, except he'd been dropped into a more modern day earth setting.

It started at night on a passenger train, sort of Amtrack idea mixed with a Japanese bullet train (it went very fast, in other words). Riddick had been captured by either a cop or a federal agent. I am not sure if Riddick killed him, or if circumstances allowed him to get away, but something happened to make the power on various sections of the train go out, and Riddick had escaped.

I became him, and found an empty passenger compartment. There were people or guards searching the train, but not very well, like they were only worried that weird things were going on with the train's power, not that a dangerous criminal was on the loose. I climbed up into a baggage rack to hide for a moment (above one row of seats, it was kinda like the cabins they have in Harry Potter on the Hogwarts Express). A guard went by, opened the door, and shone a flashlight around the compartment but not up towards the ceiling where I was hiding.

After he left, I opened or kicked out the window, then pulled the emergency break cord. When the train was going slow enough (but still fairly fast) I jumped and caught a lamp post or something like that, and then slid to the ground. I wanted to get as far away from the tracks and the whole area as possible, there was the thought in my mind that the guy who'd captured me earlier was still alive and would come after me.

The area was very wooded, a lot of pine trees, but I could see the lights of a town in the valley ahead. I was thinking of finding transportation or stealing some money or something there, if I could do it without being seen or word of my actions getting to the agent guy too quickly. Heh, I was definitely in the mind of a criminal for this dream. As I was heading for the lights though, some guy showed up on an embankment beside me and asked me if I needed a ride. Then he said, "Here comes one!" and there was a bright light beyond the embankment. Ahead of me was a sort of road/path cut into the grass and trees, and a semi truck came barreling through at high speed. The guy on the embankment jumped and managed to grab something on the truck and away he went on top of the truck.

I got to the top of the embankment and thought about trying to catch a ride in this new, weird way, but then I noticed that I was near a sidewalk. And suddenly it was broad daylight. The sidewalk went into a suburban neighborhood, but first you had to go under these weirdly trimmed trees, they were like big squared off blocks of hedge that hadn't been pruned up high enough, and stretched out to the street. There was a guy on the far side of the hedges, standing on the sidewalk amongst a bunch of kids toys (like Little Tikes stuff). He was wearing a grey suit and looked kinda sleezy (he had a goatee and shoulder length greasy black hair that was wavy, kinda looked like Yanni on drugs), but I could tell he was a cop. The thought that he was a crooked cop went through my head.

I guess I decided to find out, for whatever reason, because I went towards him (under the stupid tree things) and he invited me into his house, which was the one he was standing in front of. I think he even knew who I was. I followed him inside, to the back of the house, which had high ceilings and seemed nicely and simply decorated, sort of a mix of beach house and Ikea stuff. The walls and ceiling were white, and most of the decor was as well, although I think the carpet was a very light blue, as were some of the accents. It felt to me like the perfect setting for a fake goody two shoes cop and his perfect family. I knew better... the dude HAD to be crooked. Call it criminal instinct.

There was a little girl, the man's daughter, and she was coloring at a table in the room we'd come to, it must have been the living room, attached to a kitchen with a bar. The little girl was coloring with crayons (or colored markers?) on a very long piece of white paper, on the coffee table by the couch. She wasn't sitting on the couch, just on the floor by the coffee table. She asked me if I wanted to color too. She was probably only about seven years old.

I think all I did was sit down on the couch, and there was a discussion over who was going to make lunch, and what it was going to be. I think the mother of the family was around, and said she'd make it, and the father and girl had a feeling it would be all nasty health-foodish, so one of them decided to make it instead. I remember thinking I'd be relatively safe for the moment, and maybe the cop had some ideas for my particular skill set, or a way to get me out of the area without the agent finding me. My odds of surviving by hanging out at this place seemed about as good as anything else.

Then I woke up.

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It was wartime. I'm thinking maybe colonial days, but not sure. It sort of had a timeless feel to it. I was helping train new recruits at a camp somewhere with a lot of snow. There were a few buildings, and a very large clear area surrounded by a forest. It was daytime as we were all heading back from a training session of some sort. There were probably twenty to thirty of us, fifty at the most (hard to count in dreams). We heard that we were about to be attacked by the enemy, or that we surely would be as they were headed straight for our camp even though they were probably only travelling to some other battle. There were fifteen hundred of them. I kept thinking there were about a hundred of us, but like I said, there were really a lot less of us than that. Either way, the odds that we'd all live through the day were nonexistant.

But as the enemy army rushed the camp we met them head on. The thought went through my mind that we could just be shooting each other (so there was gun technology of some sort) but apparently the thing to do at close range was sword fight. Mayhem ensued, and it became obvious that I was the best fighter of the lot; and being female, that was quite an accomplishment, in fact I think it was totally abnormal that a woman was part of the ranks at all. I guess that's why I was an instructor, because I was that good. Anyways, I remember chopping a lot of people's heads off, as that guaranteed the enemy soldier wouldn't have a chance to continue fighting. And with the staggering odds against us, we had to take down as many of the enemy as we could without worrying about the wounded having a second chance to take any of us out.

There were some losses on my side, of course, but massive carnage for the other side. Especially after I met up with this guy who had a huge sword, longer than a claymore. He was doing a lot of damage to my side, so I took him out and picked up his sword. Heheee... lots of bad guys died after that. My sword was so strong it broke a lot of other guys' swords. The tide of the battle turned, and it started to look like we might actually win!

Then I saw someone in the crowd I knew, and he was on the enemy's side. It was the stupid guy from A Knight's Tale, and I was suddenly the main character (the knight) from the same movie. Which means, yes, I switched genders. WOOT! Anyways, the guy recognized me and I didn't really want to kill him because we were friends, so I asked him if he wanted to surrender/defect. Right then, the fatter guy from the movie (who sews the knight's ball outfit) showed up too, he was also on the enemy side. We came to a consensus that the dwindling ranks of the enemy should probably join our side before we killed them all off, assuming they'd be loyal to us instead of whomever was their overlord. The fighting was called to a halt, and we all trudged off into a building to discuss terms.

While in the building, we made promises to those willing to defect, and it seemed like they were all happy to change sides. But to be sure, I called out, "Anyone who does not wish to defect had better speak up now." Three guys stoically raised their hands. I looked at my boss, who was (or looked like) Chaucer from A Knight's Tale, and he nodded at me as I asked him if I should take them outside and take care of them. "Yes, kill them," he said to me quietly.

Back outside in the snow it was starting to get dark. The edge of the forest wasn't very far away. I killed the first enemy soldier before they had much time to think. I still had that wickedly long sword. The other two got smart and ganged up on me, and managed to break my sword (doh!!!). I picked up the closest weapon while still holding my broken sword, and it was another broken sword. I used both, as they was better than nothing. One of the guys threw random knives at me a couple of times, but I dodged both. I got knocked to the ground during the melee but fell right by two axes, the smaller one I threw at one of the guys and got him right in the chest as he was charging at me, and then finished him off with the other.

The last guy was a bit unnerved that it was just me and him left, but I still didn't have a decent weapon because both axes were stuck in the dead guy. The enemy hesitated so I ran like mad for a cluster of bodies, knowing there had to be better weapons around there somewhere. I remember thinking it was probably chicken to run like that, except that I didn't care because I was still gonna fight the guy, I just needed a better weapon. Duh! The only dangerous part of running like that was that he might be smart enough and good enough to chuck a knife in my back while I ran (the thought of guns had long since fallen out of the dream, I don't think the technology existed at this point). But he didn't. And I did find a decent, average sword finally, and as night fell I squared off with the last remaining opponent.

This guy was actually better than anybody else I'd had to deal with that day. And the weird thing is, as we were fighting it got so dark we could barely see, and yet it appeared that there was a light source shining from the hilts of our swords towards the blades, but it wasn't very bright. (Yeah, I know, it sounds like a lightsaber ripoff but really, it didn't look like that, the light was very dim). We had more trouble with weapons breaking, both of us, and I eventually found this thing that looked really foreign to me (I was thinking Russian or Mongol). It was sort of a wicked one-sided blade with an overly long hilt wrapped in material or leather (it was probably inspired by a knife I saw a guy cutting tomatoes with last night on Food Network).

I'm not sure when, but somewhere in this last fight I was finally injured. Yeah, about time someone hit me. I was still fighting though, and the dream began to end as I had the upper hand in the battle. I think I killed him but I'm not sure.

Then I woke up.

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