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From a chat transcript this morning:

tirsden: I had the weeeirdest dream... where I got some kind of notice in the mail that said I was scheduled to marry some guy with an Arabian-type name in New York if I checked the "yes" box and sent it back... and it looked all super-official and stuff

tirsden: and I was like "I must have gotten something weird from an automated system that has me on here by mistake" so I thought "haha I'll check yes and send it back"

tirsden: I woke up and fell asleep several times...

tirsden: and in another dream, I got a second mailing from the same system telling me where to go in New York for the wedding (a park) and to bring this little package of what looked like clay because it was part of the ceremony and I might not know to bring it myself (apparently the guy was from India)

tirsden: and I was like: O________o

tirsden: and as I'm telling this to my randomly-dream-created grandma she was kinda acting funny so I said "did you send this thing?" and she's like "yeaaaah" and I'm like "but I kinda wanna marry a guy and stuff" and she's like "we can get surgeries! I can afford it!" and I was like: o_________O

tirsden: so. yeah. I should eat breakfast XD

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At first I was a young lady of some sort who was in the hospital and this other family member came up, another woman a little older. I was supposed to be unconscious but I could see this woman inject me with like three or four syringes full of morphine. She was overdosing me, trying to kill me!

Then my perspective was switched to the evil girl and the person "I'd" tried to kill became the elderly grandmother of the family, a very important person in the heirarchy. (The attempted murder scene repeated from the new viewpoint, with a few dream-logic-messed-up differences like having problems with one of the syringes.)

Apparently I failed to kill the old woman, and now people were trying to figure out who'd OD'd her. So far I was coming up clean and appeared clueless as the rest. I was worried about some apples in her room tho, as I'd apparently also injected morphine in a few of them. I also remember eating one during a family meeting, so it'd look like someone tried to attack me too. But I was worried that would come across as too obvious, that I'd set myself up but I was really the criminal.

The apples were still in the grandmother's room (and tons of them, along this odd counter with little sides on it so the apples wouldn't roll off). I was trying to think of how to get rid of them all entirely, or figure out which ones I'd poisoned before someone else showed up (I think the grandmother either had been moved from the room or was still completely out of it)...

I don't remember the rest.


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