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I dreamed about a lot of things last night (yeah, took Unisom, that seems to make it worse). The only one I'm going to get into though is a brief visit to the world of Riddick, except he'd been dropped into a more modern day earth setting.

It started at night on a passenger train, sort of Amtrack idea mixed with a Japanese bullet train (it went very fast, in other words). Riddick had been captured by either a cop or a federal agent. I am not sure if Riddick killed him, or if circumstances allowed him to get away, but something happened to make the power on various sections of the train go out, and Riddick had escaped.

I became him, and found an empty passenger compartment. There were people or guards searching the train, but not very well, like they were only worried that weird things were going on with the train's power, not that a dangerous criminal was on the loose. I climbed up into a baggage rack to hide for a moment (above one row of seats, it was kinda like the cabins they have in Harry Potter on the Hogwarts Express). A guard went by, opened the door, and shone a flashlight around the compartment but not up towards the ceiling where I was hiding.

After he left, I opened or kicked out the window, then pulled the emergency break cord. When the train was going slow enough (but still fairly fast) I jumped and caught a lamp post or something like that, and then slid to the ground. I wanted to get as far away from the tracks and the whole area as possible, there was the thought in my mind that the guy who'd captured me earlier was still alive and would come after me.

The area was very wooded, a lot of pine trees, but I could see the lights of a town in the valley ahead. I was thinking of finding transportation or stealing some money or something there, if I could do it without being seen or word of my actions getting to the agent guy too quickly. Heh, I was definitely in the mind of a criminal for this dream. As I was heading for the lights though, some guy showed up on an embankment beside me and asked me if I needed a ride. Then he said, "Here comes one!" and there was a bright light beyond the embankment. Ahead of me was a sort of road/path cut into the grass and trees, and a semi truck came barreling through at high speed. The guy on the embankment jumped and managed to grab something on the truck and away he went on top of the truck.

I got to the top of the embankment and thought about trying to catch a ride in this new, weird way, but then I noticed that I was near a sidewalk. And suddenly it was broad daylight. The sidewalk went into a suburban neighborhood, but first you had to go under these weirdly trimmed trees, they were like big squared off blocks of hedge that hadn't been pruned up high enough, and stretched out to the street. There was a guy on the far side of the hedges, standing on the sidewalk amongst a bunch of kids toys (like Little Tikes stuff). He was wearing a grey suit and looked kinda sleezy (he had a goatee and shoulder length greasy black hair that was wavy, kinda looked like Yanni on drugs), but I could tell he was a cop. The thought that he was a crooked cop went through my head.

I guess I decided to find out, for whatever reason, because I went towards him (under the stupid tree things) and he invited me into his house, which was the one he was standing in front of. I think he even knew who I was. I followed him inside, to the back of the house, which had high ceilings and seemed nicely and simply decorated, sort of a mix of beach house and Ikea stuff. The walls and ceiling were white, and most of the decor was as well, although I think the carpet was a very light blue, as were some of the accents. It felt to me like the perfect setting for a fake goody two shoes cop and his perfect family. I knew better... the dude HAD to be crooked. Call it criminal instinct.

There was a little girl, the man's daughter, and she was coloring at a table in the room we'd come to, it must have been the living room, attached to a kitchen with a bar. The little girl was coloring with crayons (or colored markers?) on a very long piece of white paper, on the coffee table by the couch. She wasn't sitting on the couch, just on the floor by the coffee table. She asked me if I wanted to color too. She was probably only about seven years old.

I think all I did was sit down on the couch, and there was a discussion over who was going to make lunch, and what it was going to be. I think the mother of the family was around, and said she'd make it, and the father and girl had a feeling it would be all nasty health-foodish, so one of them decided to make it instead. I remember thinking I'd be relatively safe for the moment, and maybe the cop had some ideas for my particular skill set, or a way to get me out of the area without the agent finding me. My odds of surviving by hanging out at this place seemed about as good as anything else.

Then I woke up.

Dream Symbol Analysis. Source: SoulFuture Dream Dictionary

night: Your feminine, receptive, intuitive, passive, yin side; The darker side of you, the beast within, your shadow aspect; A death within, making way for a new birth; An inability or refusal to see something clearly; A deep depression, a precursor to a major transformation or breakthrough, dark night of the soul; Fear; Night may be a homonym for knight.

train: A train within the dream may represent segmenting, compartmentalizing or reviewing various phases, cycles or areas of your life; A steam train may denote building up resources for a planned endeavour; A freight train may indicate personal or emotional baggage that needs to be offloaded; A need for training, learning, or a having something to teach others; Improving or curbing something by subjecting it to discipline; A particular line or direction of thought, a train of thought; A worthwhile or profitable endeavour, possibly at the expense of others, a gravy train.

man: Symbolic of yang energy - your action-orientated, outward flowing, practical side; If the man is known to you, assess your opinion of him - the dream may be highlighting his dominant characteristics; A man in your life; Needing to be frank or open, have a man to man; A plain or ordinary person, someone who does not particularly draw attention, man on the street.

trees: The condition and age of the tree may provide further interpretational clues; The tree within a dream may symbolize you, with the roots symbolizing your feet, the trunk being your legs, and the branches representing your upper body; Ambition, reaching the top, at the top of the tree; Being in an awkward situation, feeling trapped, up a tree; Each type of tree may symbolize something different e.g. a pine tree may represent purity and cleansing; an oak tree, wisdom, strength, longevity; a fruit tree, fertility, abundance, and profitability; a willow tree, depression or flexibility; Your heritage, your family tree; Looking in the wrong place, making a poor assessment, investing in something that is unlikely to produce required results, barking up the wrong tree. (rest don't apply... and since it was pine trees, it might mean purity and cleansing, and the dreams I've had about bathrooms lately also have to do with cleansing... hmm.)

sidewalk: See: pavement

pavement: Being aligned with your life path, which is symbolized by the road; Something on the side, that is not mainstream or the main area of focus; Becoming sidetracked.

day: Clarity of vision; Visible or known aspects or traits; Something that is light, bright, healthy, happy; Outward flowing, action-orientated, yang activity; Accepting that everybody has a turn, that the wheel goes round, every dog has his day, his day will come; Nowadays, currently, in this day and age; An unlikely event or outcome, that will be the day; Ceasing activity, calling it a day; Something that is relentless, day after day; Gradually, progressively, day by day; Something that's coming to an end, days are numbered. (This should also be "masculine" as opposed to the dream definition of night which hints at feminine.)

police: Monitoring, observing, watching over something, policing it; Enforcing rules or laws; Seeking protection or security; Feeling a sense of responsibility or duty; Experiencing a need for order or control; Feeling that you are unable to protect yourself, handing the responsibility over to others; An authority figure; Feeling guilty or believing that you need to be punished.

toys: The type of toy will provide further interpretational clues e.g. a rag doll may imply feeling physically drained or unable to support yourself; A need to lighten up, be playful, have more fun; Not taking something seriously, toying with it.

house: The size and condition of the house will provide further interpretational clues; A house usually symbolizes the physical body; Your personal mirror, reflecting your perception of your world back to you - see if the state of the house resembles you or the way in which you manage your affairs; Being accommodating; Something that is rickety and unstable, not of sound foundation, a house of cards. Various rooms in the house may symbolize different aspects of self: Lounge or sitting room - relaxation, recreation, social requirements; Kitchen - health and nourishment.

white: The crown (7th) chakra, your connection to spirit or the Universal Source; Something that is pure or benevolent by nature, of a high vibration; Purification, cleanliness, newness; Your inner light; Peace or surrender, a white flag; Something that is unwanted by you, a white elephant; A rare or valuable possession that is expensive to maintain, a white elephant; Cowardice may be symbolized by a white feather; Hiding or concealing defects, deceiving, whitewashing; Suppressing, preventing somebody else's progress, a whitewash; A non-manual, professional occupation, white collar; Being drained of resources, being bled white; Death; Pain; Fear; Shock.

blue: 5th (throat) or 7th (forehead) chakra; Inspiration, creativity; Feeling down or depressed about something, having the blues; Indicative of things going wrong, blue Monday; Physical dysfunction or the death of something, turning blue; Feeling injured or bruised, black and blue; A surprise or something unexpected, out of the blue.

child, children: Having the opportunity to begin anew; Comforting a child may represent nurturing your inner child; Fun, joy, spontaneity, lack of inhibition; A need to revisit a childhood issue; A premonition about having a child or a desire to conceive; Teasing, joking, deceiving, kidding around.

paper: A need to document something, record it, formalize it, put it down on paper, put pen to paper; Something that establishes your identity, your papers; A contract or agreement; Something that is temporary; Paper may also be used to disguise or decorate; A green or white paper may represent government; Weak, unsubstantial, thin or flimsy, papery; In theory, as opposed to fact, on paper; A record or evidence of what has transpired before, a paper trail.

food: The type of food and your feelings about it will further interpretational clues; Soul food, good-feeling things that nourish your soul; Symbolic of comfort or security; A symbol of well-being, abundance and prosperity; Overindulgence may indicate a need to slow down or exercise more control; Something that needs to be contemplated, food for thought; A time of celebration.

chakras: 5th Chakra - throat, blue, throat, ether, sound, communication, creativity, expansion, excitement, deer; 7th Chakra - top of head, violet, top of head, thought, spiritual connection, understanding, knowing, bliss, God.

Thoughts: Uh, I've been dreaming about trains a LOT lately. This isn't normal. And what's up with both colors from the living room pointing to the 7th Chakra? Heh. Anyways, this dream was fun, even if it was weird as heck. But then, Riddick is fighting Sephiroth in my head for "top boy toy" so... yeah. ♥

But anyways, since I'm dreaming of trains a lot... the dream symbol references compartmentalizing or reviewing my life. I guess that's sorta going on. Beyond that... I don't know what this dream means.

(edit: added this next bit June 15th, 7:45am)

Alternative interpretation of the train symbol from Dream Moods Dictionary:

To see a train in your dream, represents conformity and go along with what everyone else is doing. You have the need to do things in an orderly and sequential manner.

To dream that you are on a train, is symbolic of your life's journey and suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed for the right direction. Alternatively, you have a tendency to worry needlessly over a situation that will prove to work out in the end.

The rest didn't apply... this is interesting because I don't really ever remember dreaming about trains before this. Now I'm dreaming about them a LOT. So, I guess I'm on the right track with my life and what I'm trying to do... or my brain is trying to tell me that I am, and that's it's gonna work out in the end. That would be... nice.


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