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I was my original character Aster, who is a very beautiful, feminine-looking albino guy. I was wearing a long, sleek, shimmery dress of some sort, and I was at a club at Las Vegas that did a lot of lookalike-celebrity type shows.

I met someone who was a Frank Sinatra impersonator, and boy did he look and act the part. We decided to try and sneak backstage for some vaguely smexytimes... and it was rather dark back there and there was a lot of random props and equipment taking up most of the space. I was waiting for "Frank" to kiss me...

...then logic went to heck and lost the point of what we'd been wanting to do, and the rest isn't worth getting into... but for a few moments there, that was a pretty darn cool dream. :3
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The first part of this dream I've forgotten but it involved Indiana Jones and a good-sized archeological dig party crossing the desert. I was a pretty female character of Arabian or perhaps Indian origin and I'm not sure if I was Indy's love interest or not because after this point where I can remember the dream, he always seemed to be off in the distance. I remember a sandstorm hitting, and someone saying, "Your chances of finding any such storm, much less his storm, are a thousand to one." (I don't remember the exact wording of what the odds would be, but either way for a moment it was like we were chasing the bad guy from The Mummy but this thought came and went as if it was an unimportant or incorrect plot point in the dream.) I remember covering my face with my veil (I was dressed more ethnically than modernly) and waiting out the sandstorm, and when it ended I kept following the dig team as we passed by a cliff that rose about 20 feet in the air before falling again into the dunes further along.

Someone was on top of the cliff keeping a lookout and they called down to us that Indy's archnemesis was going to overtake us. I don't remember the guy's name, but it seemed inevitable that he'd catch us all so I didn't try putting up a fight and acted like I was just there and didn't hold any specific loyalty to the party. I didn't even know this guy personally and I don't think he had any clue who I was. (And as I've forgotten his name we'll call him Arliss and he was sort of Arab-Middle-Eastern looking with short curly hair and vaguely dark skin.) It seems like some of the men in the party fought but that didn't last long.

Next thing I know I'm right by this guy and he's sorta taken things over. He's half trying to get information out of me and half putting moves on me. I ignored his advances but readily gave information on the specific topic he was after: several clues written on parchment paper we'd unearthed at a previous dig site. I told him I'd put them in my pocket and they'd disintegrated but I had the translations written in my notebook. The paper had turned into tiny black sandlike particles (stupid dream logic) and I said he could have all of it as it was still in my pocket. He seemed pleased with this, like his experts could put the thing back together to be sure I hadn't missed anything. He gave me a glass vial that looked like a small test-tube for me to empty the bits into.

I filled the first vial and also found a silver unicorn pendant in my pocket that I'd forgotten about. It seems we'd found it with the original document that had since died in my pocket, but we knew the pendant had to outdate the papers. Like some medieval crusader had been at the site centuries later. There were still more particles in my pocket so I needed another vial. Arliss gave me a bigger one, and this time I spilled some grains onto the sand at my feet. I picked them up quickly, afraid that he might get angry at my sloppiness but he didn't seem to care. (At this point dream logic reared it's head again and there were instantly a bunch of the particles in my mouth for some reason, like I'd been so terribly sloppy as to manage them getting in there (??) but they did actually appear instantly, not "fall in my mouth" gradually or something odd like that. I took them out and put them in the vial as well.) I needed yet another vial and he seemed to be out of them, but he had a jar of sand and seashells that he gave me and said, "Put the rest in there." I asked, "Just on top of everything else?" and he said yes. So I did and that was the end of it finally.

He was packing all this up with some other things he'd confiscated from our stuff and in it was a small american flag. He said something about my someday disliking that symbol or even hating it, and I said something to the effect like I already did. So it would seem he was trying to convert my loyalty to his side (whatever that was, yeah it had a feeling of stereotypical terrorism stuff). Then he kissed me and I remember watching the scene and the girl who had been me was kissing him back... then I thought, hey, that's not right, let's redo that scene... and it backed up to just before the kiss.

Then I woke up.
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I had a couple dreams before this one, all I can remember is being with Indiana Jones in a train station and kissing him to encourage him because he was really down, and later playing or being immersed in Splinter Cell, redoing checkpoints and making head shot kills. I've dreamed the Splinter Cell thing a *lot* lately.

Anyways, The first thing I remember in the final dream was being in a room shared by a couple of children, and I was standing by a little girl. The room belonged to her sister and brother. She was scared and I picked her up. She knew something important, something people were trying to get at her for. I was talking on the phone, probably to superiors, updating them on the situation. Then two older kids or teenagers tried to come in through the French doors on one side of the room, but I locked them just in time.

Then the little girl's father appeared, and I had a feeling he'd been treating her badly for some time. But this time he was here to find out this secret the girl knew. I was worried he'd get dangerous. I managed to convince him that the clue the little girl was going to give was somewhere in the closet (which was true) so he could find out what it was when we came back out. This seemed to placate him for the moment.

I locked myself and the little girl in the closet. It was huge, for a closet anyways, more like a small room. At the end was a child's bed, and I realized this was the little girl's room. There was a set of shelves with toys on it and a lot of clothes hanging around (like you'd expect in a closet). I put the girl down and she looked under the bed. I did too, but there was nothing there. Then she looked up behind the headboard of the bed and pulled something out that had been stuck back there.

It looked like a very damaged stem from a fake flower. I realized it was what was left of the red silk rose that a famous gangster used to wear in his suit pocket, and I also knew this ganster had owned the house many years ago. All that was left of this flower though was the green plastic stem which was falling apart, and had been split in one part so you could see the silver wire inside. There was a tiny dirty white leaf left on one stem. It looked like junk, but I knew better.

Before exiting the closet I tore off a shred of plastic from the stem and hid the main part in my shirt pocket, keeping the little useless bit in my hand. Back in the bedroom I gave it to the father person and said that's all it was, just trash. He stood there confused, looking at it. I left the house before he figured out otherwise. (I have no idea where the little girl went to.)

It's not that the junky stem was worth anything, it's what it meant: a clue to the location of a treasure rumored to have been left behind by the gangster. I remember finding the other clue in a pile of dirt in an unfinished lot elsewhere in town, and with the location of the two clues, I and a companion or two figured out where the treasure was: right in between the two locations on the map. We hopped into a cab and took off for the treasure's supposed location.

At this point it was like I was a gangster myself, the old 1920's kind, and my pals were my cohorts in crime or whatever. The father guy from back in the house became the leader of rival mobsters, and we knew he'd be trying to find us now and follow us to the treasure. We arrived at a big hill, it sort of reminded me of Mount Trashmore if you know what that is. Anyways it was a green hill in the middle of a park.

We dug into the top of this hill with shovels and found a chest. Inside the chest was... books and tea! There were lots more books and tea hidden inside this hill. In fact, the whole hill was just books and tea with sod on top of it. I said to one of my buddies, "You know how much this would have cost back then?" and he just sort of looked at me like he knew the answer but didn't want to say it. So I did: "A fortune." We realized the legendary gangster person had spent his entire fortune on this stuff, and I think I even knew it had probably been meant as a wedding present that hadn't managed to be given in time (before the ganster died, I assumed).

Then the other gansters showed up, our rivals. The leader was furious that all there was in the treasure heap was books and tea. He started throwing stuff around hoping to find some real money. I remember hoping he wouldn't damage the stuff because I thought it was valuable in a way other than monitary. Most of the books were still in excellent shape, and a lot of them had to be old, maybe rare or of historical value. I also remember laughing at the "bad guys" because they had been all hyped up over finding a huge fortune in money or gold and all there was was... books and tea.

Then I woke up.


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