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I was sitting in a dream-randomized apartment that was supposed to be mine, on a couch (that I don't actually own) with my computer in front of me on an Ikea desk-table (that I do actually own). I was playing Torchlight while talking to my friend on the phone. I had her on speakerphone and the phone was sitting next to me on the couch, and she was busy doing something else that wasn't a video game (can't remember what).

We were talking about MMOs specifically, and I said, "You know what I'd really like to see? An MMO that doesn't come out with an expansion every ten seconds. Doesn't Call Of Cthulhu only have like, one still?" And then I thought about it a little harder and said, "Was there some reason why we couldn't play Call of Cthulhu?" My crappy memory was vaguely hinting that either it hadn't liked her computer or mine, or there was some distinct issue that had made us stop playing pretty much right off, like mechanics or general aesthetics (Neverwinter, I'm looking at you).

She said, "No, no reason I can think of. We should try that sometime." Ah, so we hadn't even played it yet! I was starting to get excited.

Then the dream shifted into something that I think was supposed to be the trailer to the Call of Cthulhu MMO (which does not exist, for anyone wondering and reading this... but man if it was done right, I'd want to play that sooo hard). A man and his maybe pre-teen daughter were going to New England on vacation, but for some reason the small house they showed up at was very definitely of Japanese architecture. It was daytime, and I only remember trees in the distance behind the house.

The idea was that if the characters put on special red-colored glasses with thick black frames that looked extremely dorky, they could see things related to the area being haunted. I remember a shot out of a high window that showed the edge of the porch roof above, and the heads of several people all hung off the same rope by the neck, in the corner of the roof.

Now the game had something much more like a single-player feel, ala Silent Hill meets Fatal Frame. And it was becoming reality, and I was the father character. I was thinking we should get used to wearing the red glasses, even if we might see shocking things, because clearly there was a mystery going on here and it would be a shame to miss any clues. I was inside, looking at a simple, low table with various objects on it, while my daughter was wandering outside nearby.

We both ended up looking onto this weird little side-porch thing at the same time, me from inside via a window right by the porch, and her from out on the grass (the side porch did not meet the front porch, it almost looked like an empty wood pallet set right next to the house but I think it was supposed to be legit construction). On that little porch a girl was lying, in what I would call cutesy anime winter-wear. I remember specifically that the fairly-short skirt was pink and had a band of white fluffy trim around the bottom hem. She was just sprawled lying there, no blood or anything, but I had the distinct impression she was dead.

I heard my daughter gasp, and I felt fear creep into my heart as I lifted the lower-left edge of my glasses just enough to realize it wasn't a vision of the past. I said, "She's real! Come inside, quickly!" and my daughter rushed inside. I had crouched down because I was too afraid of the scene outside, and said something about calling the police. Suddenly I heard movement outside, like someone scuffling around a bit on that porch thing.

I got up and looked out the window again, and the body was gone. I yelled something like, "Bring her back, we're going to find you!"

I heard a very quiet, gruff male voice hiss, "We'd love to see you."

I think I kept yelling stuff for a moment, but there wasn't anyone visible outside still. It now seemed like whatever had been there had gone away, and now my daughter and I were left with this cryptic and disturbing piece of information. I asked her if she had heard the voice. She said no.

Then I woke up.
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I remember trying to escape from Earth for some reason, on a space shuttle. I can't remember the exact reason, but I think I was escaping a foreign country and there was something important about me. There was a man escaping with me, a Bruce Willis type of character. He sort of seemed like a father/guardian type towards me and I was... sort of vaguely myself I guess.

The shuttle had to be going fast enough to escape orbit, and it did. Then there seemed to be some lady's voice narrating, saying something like, "Oh but wait, you set it too fast, and it's going to come right back down into the Earth!" (This makes no logical sense in relation to physics but since when did dreams bother with that?)

So yes, I could see the Earth coming right back fast and luckily the shuttle managed to crash into the Pacific Ocean somewhere. I survived the crash just fine but I think the Bruce Willis guy was dying (awwws!!) and definitely didn't make it through the crash itself. I was rescued (details on this and a lot of other things are sketchy or non-existant once I woke up), and flown in a helicopter with Dubya... aka the president I and so many others hate. He kept saying stupid stuff, and I don't mean stupid political things but like literally stupid word combinations and he seemed to think it was hilarious.

I was taken to a big-city hospital, not sure where but it was somewhere in mainland USA. I was in this random waiting room and it was getting late and they were literally shutting down various departments. They shut the rolling cover thing for the counter that the waiting room was for, and I realized I'd been forgotten somehow. I had nothing but the clothes on my back, nowhere to go, and some vague backstory about a hated and useless step-mother. Also, if the media knew I was there they'd be in an interview frenzy (which at this point I sort of would not have minded because maybe I could have said "uh, anyone got a couch I can crash on, while we're at it?").

I decided sitting around the waiting room all night didn't really seem like the best plan, and went out into a hallway. I found a couple of nurses who were done with work and heading to wherever they were going, and I followed them trying to talk to them. One of them actually figured out who I was, and said something about how I needed to be properly taken care of and she started calling people on her cell phone. I think she ended up supposedly arranging with Social Services to find me somewhere to stay temporarily. Somebody was supposed to take me there (possibly her, or they were going to find her to find me) and suddenly I had no idea where she went.

I was now feeling even more lost, and a lot of the lights were turned out in the hospital. I ended up in a stairwell between several floors, and found another lady who looked like she might work there, standing on one of the landings. I hung around her for a moment and then tried asking her if she knew what was going on or if she was the Social Services person I was supposed to meet, and it was obvious she had no clue. I tried explaining some of it, and then made a joke about how I'd gone from being someone really important (whether I wanted to be or not) to this.

Then I woke up.

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At first I was Olivia, the main character of NBC's Fringe. I was called out to the latest site of a serial killer with some sort of paranormal bent (standard episode plot, anyone?). All the victims were women, and the only thing I really remember about the murder site was that it was gruesome and bloody.

I went home afterwards, and it was evening. I had a bad feeling that perhaps because I was investigating these crimes now... I might become the next victim. The details are fuzzy at this point but I think I was on the phone with my neighbor (in whatever apartment building this dream decided I lived in), talking about other stuff when the thought came up.

Then the perspective changed, and I was the neighbor (and apparently some semi-true-to-life version of myself). The phone went silent and I got worried and went next door. Olivia had been knocked out and the killer was there. I seriously don't remember how I managed to subdue him but I know at one point I got a kitchen knife. (The details here are reeeally fuzzy and this dream honestly scared me so I debated on even posting it and have forgotten bits as it is.)

So yes, mister killer was finally on the ground and I was going at him with the knife. And it was like I couldn't get him to die. I was literally hacking this guy up into pieces, like he was some sort of modern-science zombie, and he was still taunting me about how he was gonna kill me in horrible painful ways I couldn't possibly imagine. I do believe other agents finally showed up, and they figured out a way to destroy the guy once and for all. So there was at least some resolution to that... I think there was a little bit more, but I don't remember what it was.

Then I woke up.
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I was a girl either of late teenage years or early twenties. I was in my room with my random dream-created friends of families not quite as rich as mine, but still rich. I called my best friend with my cell phone, a girl who's name I now forget, and I don't remember the conversation... I think we were going to all go pick her up for something though.

The next part I remember is riding shotgun in a car with the friends from my room, and we were talking about some other young guy who had ripped us off for money. After one of the others told snippets of her story, I said he'd scammed me for $750,000. The guy driving, who was a very good friend of mine, totally jaw-dropped. He knew I was rich (parents, specifically, extremely rich) but geez... I said the guy had managed to get me to look into buying three cars with him. I forget what the first one was, the second was a DeLorian that we got all souped up to look like the one from the Back to the Future movies, and the last one was a Dodge Viper. Somehow he'd managed to swindle me for all three cars and my father had sued him, which was on appeal (we'd lost the first time, I guess). And it wasn't like the money loss actually hurt my family, it was more a matter of pride trying to dole out justice on the jerk who'd scammed me.

We pulled up to a gas station and convenience store near a warehouse, and I don't remember exactly what happened next but it was almost time to go and I realized my buddies had managed to get themselves drunk. I had expected the one guy friend to drive further, but I told him to wait up and I'd drive. I wandered into the warehouse and asked if someone was there (I don't remember the name anymore). The employee I'd asked said he wasn't, but I knew better and said I'd go find him myself. So I walked into the back of the place behind certain stacks of product and found an older asian guy who was my friend, and the person I'd been seeking.

I asked him if he'd gotten "it" and apparently I'd been waiting on something he'd been trying to order for me or find. Yes, he had it, and he gave it to me. I remember the packaging was a box about the size of a PC computer game package (before they changed to the smaller boxes) but I don't remember what was in it now. I was ecstatic in the dream though, and asked him how much I owed him. I think he said $1,000, which I didn't mind paying but I griped at him playfully and said he'd probably gotten it for much less. He did admit in the end it was only like $17.99 and then I think he gave it to me for my birthday (which, dream-logic-magically, was now today).

I then said I'd give him $500 for his best bottle of scotch, a treat for something later (I was thinking of that very good guy friend who at this point was morphing into boyfriend). Asian-guy was looking at me skeptically for a moment and I added, "Not from your stash at home, I mean here." Ah, well that was different. Now I was majorly overpaying, as was my intention... but I knew it'd be good stuff regardless.

I don't remember anymore.
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I wasn't trained for this sort of thing... but I ended up crawling through ventillation ducts on an impromptu espionage mission. I'd found my way into a warehouse not knowing that Iraqi terrorists were using it to ship something illegal either out of the country or to another part of it (the warehouse I'd found was in the USA somewhere). I heard one of the guards say this was the last shipment and they'd be bailing on the place after this. Not only were there guards patrolling the production floor but temporary employees working on shipping whatever it was they were sending out. One of the ventillation ducts came very close to the assembly line, and I remember pushing boxes out onto it that had time bombs in them that I had found elsewhere. Or maybe it was tracking devices... I really am not sure, I just remember it was important to get the boxes into the load being shipped without anybody noticing.

There was some other agent a bit like me also working on this. We'd gotten most of the boxes out onto the line without being noticed when a guard came very close to discovering the other agent. At about this time, one of the line workers saw me. She didn't tell anyone though, I think she knew she was working for bad guys (or guessed) and wasn't really wanting to help them any more than she had to. She helped me hide for a moment during what could have been a bad run-in with a guard.

The other agent disappeared, I remember a comment about not being able to take this anymore. There was at least one more box to put on the line, and I kept at it. Then it was time for me to leave. I went back through the duct system but someone had called an alarm. Maybe the other agent had made a messy job of leaving the site and been spotted. I ended up having to run through the front doors of the building and across a wide space of grass towards a tall chain-link fence with three lines of barbed wire above it. A couple of guards were chasing me and I was half expecting to get shot but I kept running anyways.

Someone had figured out the communications frequency I was using, and the head bad guy came over the airwaves to tell me to give myself up. He was the evil Russian president guy from the first Splinter Cell game, but it seems like his name was Nickoli because I couldn't remember the proper name in the dream (Nickoladz?). I remember saying things to him but not what I said, nor his replies. I just remember a lot of sarcasm on my end. Then I took off the hands free cell phone I was using to communicate with the US special forces unit and now the head bad guy, and was standing by the fence holding it. One of the guards was much closer to me than the other, he had stopped with his gun trained on me and was telling me to give up or he'd shoot. The cell phone rang and I tried pushing buttons on it and nothing would work, and I acted like I was all confused and said something about not knowing what to do. I think I threw the cell phone at the guard and then vaulted over the fence.

The barbed wire caught the leg of my pants, so I was hanging upside down on the far side of the fence. I yelled at the guard, "You're not going to shoot me on US soil, are you?" and he glared at me but didn't shoot. "I didn't think so," was my follow-up remark and then I think I shot the wire that had snagged my pants and so ended up falling the rest of the way down the fence. Then I was off and running, afraid now more of an outside, professional hit, than being shot by anybody left inside the complex.

I ended up outside a Denny's-like establishment and a car pulled into the parking lot. I recognized the black guy driving as one of the head NSA people. As he was getting out of the car I asked him if he'd heard what happened and he said something like, "Yes, you've created quite a stir and done an impressive job." He told me to follow him, and the restaurant we were going to had a back courtyard laid out a little bit like a Japanese zen garden. Here the dream stops making sense, it turned into a bizarre training simulation and gets way too wonky to bother writing up.

I don't remember the rest.
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The earliest part of this dream had me stuck on an island somewhere with one or two other people. There was a large fort that had to do with the dream plot I can't remember anymore. But at the end part of this dream the other people seemed to think we'd get rescued, yet I knew the odds of that weren't good. In fact I seemed to know we might be there indefinitely.

I found some blackberry bushes and blueberry trees and started planting berries in paper cups of dirt. My idea was to start a sort of mini-farm out of this stuff. (Mind you, blueberry bushes aren't the easiest things to nurture and take years before they will produce berries... and to my knowledge they don't become trees... but it made sense in the dream). Then it seemed like the other people had found a raft, so we all got on it and went out in the water. But I ended up by myself in the water for some reason. The current was very strong, and I thought it might take me to another island or the mainland. I saw some land coming up that didn't look familiar, but as soon as I was on it I realized it was the same island.

The next bit is unclear, but the dream changed to me going to visit a halfling (hobbit) friend in a series of underground caves where other halflings lived. But she wasn't there, and it looked like the place had been trashed. I realized she'd been kidnapped, and wondered if there was some message she'd left behind that would help me know where she'd been taken. I found her sewing basket and started taking it apart. I figure if she'd had the time, she would have had to hide the message very well so that her captors didn't destroy it. After taking apart a lot of the sewing basket components down to the box inside all the fabric and foam, I put it down to see if there were clues anywhere else.

Then her phone rang (yeah, a halfling with a phone, and a video phone no less). It was her! But it looked like she was being held somewhere and this call was a sort of asking-for-ransom-money deal or something. She couldn't directly tell me where the clue was that I was sure she'd left, because the bad guys would surely hurt her and cut her off before she could finish telling me, but what she did say was, "You are an artist, after all." The phone call ended, and I don't really remember what else had been said. I was thinking about the artist thing, and wondering if she meant the sewing basket (or well, what was left of it) was really where she'd hidden the clue. Part of the inside box had a simple painting on it. Had she had time to hide something under the paint? It was dry and looked like it belonged on the box.

Either I've forgotten what happened next or the dream changed again. Now I was talking to Mom about going on a trip. It was one that my brother Jamie was supposed to be going on too and meeting us at the destination and I told her I didn't want to see him so I wasn't going. In the end it turned out he wasn't going to go so I think I went. There was a dinner scene, at the destination of the trip (wherever it was) and I said I had to use the restroom as we were all being seated. For some reason I really I didn't want to sit next to my kid brother Peter and I said something about that as I walked off (the only seat left had been next to him, and Mom said something about switching seats real quick and Peter started whining).

Then I think I decided that I wasn't going back. I found myself in a sort of weird shopping mall, and for some reason I was pretending I had a foot problem. I was limping really badly. A couple of ladies looked at me funny as I was looking for the restroom (this was still on my mind, even though I knew I wouldn't be returning to the family after I found it). I found a stand nobody was watching, and I realized somewhere in my mind that I was dreaming, so I knew if I could get away with it in the dream it would be okay to steal something. The object in question was actually icecream, it was kinda like those little ones you can get in paper cups. I picked it up and held it under my shirt, which was really big and baggy.

Then a black guy showed up who was probably supposed to be watching the stand, and he asked me if I needed anything. I asked him where the restroom was, the entire time nervous that he'd somehow catch me with the icecream (which was very cold). But he told me it was upstairs, and pointed across the lobby/hallway thing that comprised most of the mall. Where he was pointing, there were these odd elevators that went up to the next floor, and there were a bunch of them in a row. They had glass walls so people could see out while the elevators went up and down.

I went over there trying to find an empty elevator, but when I thought I was going into a sort of holding area just before one elevator, it turned out to be something else, maybe machinery that ran the elevators. I knew I wasn't supposed to be in that area, so I went back out. I gave up on the elevators and thought about stairs, then I looked around to see if there were actually any restroom signs anywhere. I did see one... but thinking about it now it didn't make much sense and it had no arrow. I was standing by the sign thinking it meant I should go up some stairs right near me, and then I noticed the mall exit doors.

I decided to go out them, and it was night time outside. For some reason I felt like I should hide, and dropped low to the ground and almost crawled over to this bush by the doors. A car went by and I remember being worried about the light from the headlights. By this time I managed to eat some of the icecream, and then someone who was my friend met me behind the weird bush thing. (I have no clue who the guy was supposed to be now, but in the dream he was a real friend). I might have said something to this person, but then this other guy showed up and started saying who I was. I had no idea who he was but he was dead right on all the stuff he said about me. He looked at my friend and said all kinds of true stuff about my friend too. The stranger said that we'd been destined to go on a quest, an adventure of the greatest proportions, and that he had a contract for us to sign. It seems like the quest would be a fantasy sort of thing in another world.

My friend said he didn't think signing the contract was a good idea. Meanwhile the stranger had handed it to me, and I had intended to sign it (what the hell, eh? I was running away after all and had no real plans, I'd definitely sign up for an adventure since it seemed like I knew this was going to be something like what I've been waiting for my whole life). But as I was looking at the contract, the words and lines to sign and stuff kept changing, moving around somehow (probably because reading in dreams is often a very difficult task). I had to ask the stranger where I was supposed to sign it even though he'd already showed me before the words and lines started moving around.

Then I woke up.

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